Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program


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L-180 - Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service
4 Hours

Course Description
This training course is designed for unit-level supervisors to use when delivering orientation training to new crewmembers. The stand-alone training package is available in the NWCG Publication Management System. An adapted version is included as Unit 4 in the 2003 edition of S-130, Firefighter Training.
Presentation of the course involves a few short lecture segments, but the primary content is delivered by
video and supported with small group exercises. Topics include: situation awareness, basic communication
responsibilities, attitude and stress barriers, decision-making process, and teamwork principles.

Students will demonstrate an understanding of their responsibilities to address human performance
issues so they can integrate more effectively into crews/teams operating in high-risk, dynamic work

Target Group
Entry-level incident personnel

Minimum Instructor Qualifications
Lead instructor must be qualified as any single resource boss.
Unit instructors must have a supervisory qualification in any ICS function (operations or support).
Also see Instructor Certification at the beginning of the Field Manager's Course Guide.

Course Prerequisites

Course Level