Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program

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L-280 - Followership to Leadership
16 Hours

Course Description
This training course is designed as a self-assessment opportunity for individuals preparing to step into a leadership role. The course combines one day of classroom instruction followed by a second day in the field with students working through a series of problem solving events in small teams (Field Leadership Assessment Course). Topics include: leadership values and principles, transition challenges for new leaders, situational leadership, team cohesion factors, ethical decision-making , and after action review techniques.

• Students will demonstrate an understanding of fundamental leadership principles.
• Students will assess their individual traits and motivation for entering into a leadership role.

Target Group
Personnel desiring to be qualified as a single resource boss.

Minimum Instructor Qualifications
Lead instructor must be qualified as any single resource boss.
Unit instructors must have a supervisory qualification in any ICS function (operations or support).
Also see Instructor Certification at the beginning of the Field Manager's Course Guide.

Course Prerequisites
Experience on incident assignments in operations or support functions.
Human Factors in the Wildland Fire Service (L-180)
Completion of pre-course work assignment.

Course Level