Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program

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L-280 - Pre-Course Work
October 2008

The pre-course work is based on a reading assignment that encourages you to examine how well prepared you are to lead others. The reading assignment is followed by a few questions that ask you to reflect on the reading in terms of your own situation. The intent of this reading assignment is two-fold. First, by reading this book as pre-course work you are afforded some time to think about the topic of leadership prior to attending the course. Second, reading in order to foster continuous learning is a key strategy for individuals who desire to improve their leadership skills throughout their career, no matter what type of business or endeavor they pursue.

Part 1
Read the assigned book "Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun" by Wess Roberts. This book is less than 100 pages and is an enjoyable and quick read.

Part 2
Write up brief responses to the following three questions regarding the reading assignment. The entire assignment should not require more than one or two pages.

Question #1 - After reading Chapter 1, identify which of Attila's 17 essential qualities are your strongest three and which are your weakest three. Briefly explain why.

Question #2 - After reading Chapter 2, briefly explain why you want to be a leader of firefighters.

Question #3 - Identify which chapter in the book (other than Chapters 1 and 2) you found to be most valuable to you as a future leader of firefighters and briefly explain why.

Bring your completed written responses with you to class.

Bring your fireline gear with you to class (full PPE, web gear, and boots).