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The Tactical Decision Game Library is comprised of two main categories.

Fire Safety TDGS
Actual Incidents TDGS

If you have a Tactical Decision Game you would like to submit to the TDG Library, follow these steps:

1. Review the STEX/TDGS workbook for information on designing TDGS.

2. Print the TDGS Format to guide you through the development process.

3. Develop your scenario as a Microsoft Word document following the TDGS format.

4. If possible develop your map in electronic format along with your TDGS.

If you are submitting a topo map, clearly specify on the map the sections used for your TDGS.

If you cannot submit the map in electronic format, mail the map to:
BLM Fire Training
Attn: Pam McDonald
3833 S. Development Ave.
Boise, ID 83705

5. Click here to submit your scenario and map as an attachment via email
Your scenario will be evaluated and if accepted it may be edited. It will then be posted to the TDGS Library at the next update.