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The Chainsaw
It's 0'dark thirty...the crew has worked the fire for 16 hours straight...no one has eaten a hot meal for days...and oh yeah, you might as well be cold. No time for the After Action Review? Think again! The idea behind the Chainsaw AAR is simple; SPEED. When you need to get an After Action Review done quickly try this simple format.

  1. Have the team form a loose circle.
  1. Start with a single team member and ask just one of these questions:
  • What is one thing that went well on this shift?
  • What is one thing that didn't go well on this shift?
  • What is one thing you would do different next time?
  • What is one thing you learned today?
  1. Continue around the circle until everyone has had a chance. It may be necessary to place a time limit on each individual (i.e. 30 seconds).
  1. Avoid unnecessary discussion (dinner is waiting).
  1. Note the comments for future discussion.


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