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AAR Process Powerpoint

This presentation, a cooperative effort between the NWCG Leadership Subcommittee and the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center, was developed specifically for the wildland fire service. The components may be utilized as separate stand-alone items or presented together for an integrated lesson. This training is designed to explain the intent and facilitation techniques for the After Action Review (AAR) process.

Mission Centered Solutions AAR Guide

A leader's guide on how to plan, prepare, and conduct After Action Reviews (AARs). This guide is specifically designed for wildland firefighters and is referenced in the L-380 Fireline Leadership course. (43K pdf)

U.S. Army Leader's Guide to After Action Reviews

US Army guide to help soldiers and units utilize After Action Reviews to correct deficiencies, sustain strengths, and focus on performance of specific mission essential tasks. (266K Word doc)

USAID After-Action Review Technical Guidance

US Agency for Interagency Development guide to help their staff work across the partner community to better understand important events, activities, or programs. (190K pdf)

Big Dog on AARs

A reference from Big Dog's Leadership website regarding the use of After Action Reviews (AAR) in business environments.

The US Army's After Action Reviews: Seizing the Chance to Learn

An excerpt from David A Garvin's book, "Learning in Action, A Guide to Putting the Learning Organization to Work" (Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 2000), pages 106-116. Reprinted with permission of the author. (128K pdf)

Improving After Action Review (AAR) Practice

M. DeGrosky, 2005 Safety Summit. "As a vehicle for capturing and learning from experience, the AAR provides an effective tool of continuous learning for the organization. It is within this organizational learning context that this paper suggests ways to improve AAR practice within wildland fire agencies, and advocates three strategic actions necessary to systematically and comprehensively use the AAR process in wildland fire agencies." (135K pdf)

Total Recall

M. DeGrosky, Wildfire Magazine article. After action reviews go a long way toward improving performance and reducing common error. But an effort to integrate the process into fire operations is needed. Michael DeGrosky addresses this issue and includes tips for conducting effective AARs. (505K pdf)



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