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You may want to dig down into very specific aspects of the event you are reviewing. For example, looking at how risk was managed or discussing how a team integrated concepts from high reliability organizations.

Risk Management Focus

  • What worked the way we wanted it to?
  • What aspects of the mission surprised us?
  • What risks did we predict?
  • What risks surprised us?
  • Where in the process did we have to make do, or where were we lucky?

High Reliability Focus

  • Preoccupations with failure - Were there any near misses or close calls?
  • Reluctance to simplify - Did we make assumptions that proved to be false?
  • Sensitivity to operations - Were there any communication or coordination problems?
  • Capacity for resilience - Did we have to improvise the plan?
  • Deference to expertise - Did anyone seek help for an unusual situation?



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