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The "What" Approach
Sometimes when you have a temporary task group or team that is put together for a specific or one-time assignment the standard format may not work, especially if many of the participants are not familiar with it. In this case, asking three simple "What" questions may provide useful feedback regarding the recently completed activity.

  1. What
    Begin by asking the group to describe the event being reviewed and desired outcomes from the discussion.  Some possible trigger questions might include:
  • What was the team’s main effort or focus for this event?
  • What is the purpose of reviewing this event?
  • What expectations do you have for today’s discussion?
  1. So What
    Next, gather observations on what actions were effective and what actions were problematic.
  • So what are your general reactions after this event?
  • So what specific things were difficult or created friction during the event?
  • So what positive actions occurred during the event?
  1. Now What
    Finish by identifying any proposed follow-up actions.
  • Now what learning points can we take away from this event?
  • Now what follow up action should happen?
  • Now what aspects should be worked on first?
  • Now what would the consequence be if there is no follow-up action?



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