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The Leadership in Cinema Library is intended to provide a selection of films that will support continuing education efforts within the wildland fire service. Films not only entertain but also provide a medium to teach leadership at all levels in the leadership development process.

The program is tailored after Reel Leadership: Hollywood Takes the Leadership Challenge. Teaching ideas are presented that work with “students of leadership in any setting.” Using the template provided by Graham, Sincoff, Baker, and Ackerman, facilitators can adapt lesson plans to correlate with the Wildland Fire Leadership Values and Principles. Other references are provided which can be used to supplement the authors’ template.

In addition to the general resources, check out our library for lesson plans specifically adapted for wildland fire. We encourage you to create your own and submit for inclusion in our library.

Drexel University's LeBrow College of Business students have partnered with the Leadership Subcommittee. Check out the Leadership in the Movies library.

Leadership in Cinema is not intended to be a stand-alone leadership program; however, used in conjunction with other leadership tools, Leadership in Cinema can be a powerful self or team development tool. Successful use of the tool requires time and dedication of the facilitator. Discussion of leadership lessons within the film is vital to the program.

The NWCG Leadership Subcommittee is a sponsor for this resource.