Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program

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6 Minutes for Safety is a tool created for and by fire personnel with the purpose of actively troubleshooting known high risk situations encountered on the fireline.

These discussions offer baseline information that a crew, group or unit can use in many settings including incident safety briefings, tailgate safety briefings, morning briefings for example, to tailor to their specific setting, generate effective discussions, and develop critical thinking skills, awareness, and meaningful learning opportunities. Continual feedback, interaction and communication with the field will be of utmost importance to maintain the quality, accuracy, relevance and timeliness of the discussion topics.

The NWCG Leadership Subcommittee has developed LEAD Time additions for 6 Minutes for Safety as a developmental tool for wildland firefighters.

Do you have a leadership topic you would like to have incorporated into the 6 Minutes for Safety calendar? Review previous LEAD Time topics and complete this simple form:

Lead Time
  1. Adaptability/Flexibility During High Tempo Periods
  2. Bias for Action
  3. Build the Team
  4. Command Presence
  5. Decision Making Cycle
  6. Five Communication Responsibilities
  7. Leaders Intent
  8. Leadership Environment
  9. Leading Up
  10. Operational Tempo
  11. Peer Accountability
  12. Situation Awareness Cycle
  13. Trust


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