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  Leading with Courage
IGNITE the Spark for Leadership - From the Field for the Field




Leading with Courage

Campaign Basics

Campaign Specifics

IGNITE the Spark for Leadership Contest
- From the Field For the Field

General Activities

Recommended References

A Framework for Leadership

Command Philosophy

Command Climate

Duty: Accomplishing the Mission

Respect: Taking Care of People

Integrity: Developing Yourself


Throughout the nation, wildland fire leaders are building teams and developing their people using tools they have found or developed themselves. Imagine if our leaders and their subordinates shared their experiences and successes with each other. Consider the possibility of going to the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program website and having a ready-made palette of leadership development tools from which to choose - items from the field for the field.

Using the spirit of healthy competition among wildland fire crews and personnel, the "IGNITE the Spark for Leadership Contest" is intended to be one of the mechanisms used to collect leadership best practices to be shared throughout the wildland fire service.

Leading with Courage
Leading With Courage - Wildland Fire Leadership Campaign Reference Guide

The IGNITE the Spark for Leadership Contest is optional. Items to submit:

  • Required:
    • Written summary not to exceed two (2) pages. (See "Judging" section for what to address)
  • Recommended:
    • Supplementary materials not to exceed ten (10) pages or pieces. May include, but is not limited to, photos, videos, and materials used.
  • Optional (but highly encouraged and can be done with coordination of the NWCG Leadership Committee Logistics Coordinator):
    • Chronicle your leadership campaign through the WFLDP's social media network such as the blog, Facebook, and MyFireCommunity.

Send your campaign documentation to:


All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • Apparent tie-in to the WFLDP values and principles
  • Potential application as a wildland fire leadership best practice
  • Comprehensiveness of campaign (several elements used versus one or two and focus on campaign theme)
  • Inclusiveness (all personnel considered target audience)
  • Level of participation by target audience
  • Use of social media during the campaign (as allowed by agency policy)
  • Fun factor


The winning unit will receive a plaque/trophy of recognition, be featured on and through various media sites and publications, and satisfaction in knowing that they contributed to the growth of the program.

Recognizing Participation

  • The NWCG Leadership Subcommittee will acknowledge the fires 500 units who submit their participation results.
  • A sample certificate is available from the WFLDP website for use by local units to acknowledge students of fire participating in the leadership campaign.

Entry Deadline

November 30, 2013


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