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Stand 4 - Observation Point

From Stand 4 you can see the bowl to the south which is referred to as the "17th Bowl." You can also see the flag pole at the site of the T56 crash on the southern-most horizon ridge.

Directly up this spur ridge, just below the main north-south ridge, are the Mormon Lake Hotshot fatality sites (look for the flagpole and drip torch memorials).

From Stand 4, you can see the three key control lines which were used as part of the suppression strategy:

  1. The road which is downhill to the west.
  2. The dozer line which is located directly south on the southern ridge of the 17th Bowl.
  3. The handline which was located uphill along the main ridge from the rock outcropping to the helispot.

Strategy and tactics for the 17th were to work on the critical spot on the ridgeline to the southeast. The Mormon Lake Hotshots were assigned to this ridgeline and would be flown in by helicopter. The Happy Jack Hotshots were assigned to the burned out section of the south cat line and Battlement Creek Road with instructions to continue burning out inside of Friday's black line and also mopup along the outer edge of the burn. Other crews were assigned to secure completed sections of the fire, which were in now in the mopup stage.

View from the Observation Point looking up towards the cliffs at the top of the draw. The north draw is in the foreground and the south draw is in the background. The Ponderosa Pine trees in the center of the photo are located on a small spur ridge which was spared during the July 17th blowup. The area that has slid below the cliff face occurred after the fire and was due to erosion. The Mormon Lake Hotshots fatality site is near the top left of this photo.

Looking down slope from the Observation Point, portions of the old fireline can be seen on the top of the ridge between the 16th and 17th Bowl (right side of photo). County Road 302 is visible at the bottom of the drainage. Jack's Pocket is in the next drainage west. This was the furthest east area that was burned during the Battlement Mesa Fire of 1987. That fire was 3,600 acres in size and was started by children playing with a magnifying glass.

Dozer line as seen from the Observation Point.