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Stand 2 - Powerline Junction

At 0230 the Perryville crew met with Division Supervisor Dale Ashby at the control road and Walk Moore Canyon Junction. The Crew's assignment was to anchor at the Control Road and construct line up the jeep trail. The crew completed the line on the jeep trail and continued up the power line right of way into the Bonita Creek Estates Subdivision.

By 0300 the main fire was within one quarter mile of the Subdivision structures. The brisk down canyon winds continued to push the fire to approximately 500 acres by 0500. By 0600 the fire was estimated to be 1900 acres.

The Perryville crew and Prescott IHC worked in the subdivision until approximately 0930. By this time the jeep trail in Walk Moore Canyon had been bladed by a dozer, the crew was instructed to improve this line.

From the junction of the power line and Walk Moore Canyon one is able to look up the power line through the brush and see the direction the crew began working. At the time of the fire the hillside consisted of thick Pine trees with a brush and needle-cast under story. Saw work in the dense dog-hair-thicket was slow and finding a place swamp the cut material was tough because of the density of vegetation. The crew's original assignment was to proceed up the jeep trail in the bottom of the canyon, it changed to building line up the power line and around the south and east of the subdivision.

This is the developed interpretive site/parking area. It is utilized to access Stands 2-4 and has a capacity for approximately 10 vehicles.

Looking up the handline that was constructed by the Perryville crew in the powerline right-of-way immediately after the fire.

The powerline looking in the direction the Perryville crew built line.

Saw team working in the area of Bonita Creek Estates during the Dude Fire note the vegetation conditions.