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Stand 3 - Corner House Vista

As the intensive prep work near the corner house was completed a firing operation began. By 1300 Perryville had continued to improve line and made it approximately one third of the way down Walk Moore Canyon where they ran out of drinking water. The crew boss and one crewmember walked to the control road and sent water back to the crew via ATV.

Around 1300 the firing operation was stopped due to holding difficulties. Around 1330 it was discovered travel south through the Bonita Creek Estates subdivision was blocked by fire. At this point two dozers were instructed to build an impromptu safety zone within the recently attempted firing operation. At 1345 a spot fire was reported below the Control Road on the west side.

Shortly after 1400 Perryville had resupplied with water and returned to work as the Hotshot crews above them began to move into the impromptu safety zone. The fire began to crown and Perryville began to move down the canyon towards the control road.

The corner house became a landmark and reference point during the fire. This location served as a meeting point for the numerous resources on this portion of the fire. It was a tactical focal point being at the head of Walk Moore Canyon and the portion of Bonita Creek Estates subdivision closest to the fire.

Looking north at the corner house.

Looking southwest at the corner house and down Walk Moore Canyon.

Fire approaching corner house on June 26, 1990.

  Looking northwest up Walkmoore Canyon from a small mesa above the corner house. This photo was taken about 45 minutes prior to the blow-up on June 26, 1990.