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Stand 4 - Entrapment Site

As the Perryville crew noticed the fire moving above them, they also saw that the Navajo Scouts crew was running past them and yelling to "get out". Everyone began to run towards the Control Road. The Perryville crew became separated into an upper and lower group, the lower group being closer to the Control Road. Several crewmembers had trouble with equipment such as chaps falling down and difficulty removing fusees. The upper portion of the crew was cut off when the fire crossed the dozer line below them. Those cut off were forced to move back up the canyon. The cut off crewmembers struggled to deploy their fire shelters.

At this location 11 Perryville crewmembers were entrapped resulting in six fatalities. At the time of the fire this canyon was full of closely spaced Ponderosa Pine trees limiting the view of the surrounding area. The existing jeep trail in the canyon bottom had just been bladed by a dozer for use as a control line.

Deployment site with fatality markers and shelter deployment markers in place.

Walk Moore Canyon immediately following the fire showing the height and density of the trees at the time of the fire.

Looking up Walk Moore Canyon at the deployment site immediately following the fire.