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Stand 6 (Optional) - Bahamian Timber Sale, Kirtlandís Warbler Habitat Creation

This 311 acre area was clearcut in 2005 and planted with jack pine in 2007 in order to provide breeding habitat for the endangered Kirtlandís Warbler. The Kirtlandís Warbler is a habitat specialist, preferring to nest in large areas of dense young jack pine approximately 5-15 years old, or between 5-15 feet tall. Once these areas have grown too old, the species abandons the habitat and moves to another suitable area of young jack pine. Fire suppression over many decades significantly reduced the amount of habitat available to the bird. Management actions such as clearcutting and prescribed burning have been used to mimic natural wildfire and create habitat. This management program has dramatically increased the number of birds over the last 30 years.


This Kirtlandís Warbler unit was created mechanically rather than with fire. Clearcuts may be up to 550 acres in size.

Because of the urban/interface and urban intermix nature of the Forest, both mechanical and prescribed fire treatments are often done next to subdivisions and residences.

Male Kirtlandís Warbler singing. The bird winters in the Bahamas and summers in Northern Michigan.