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Stand 1 - Highway Memorial

This memorial is dedicated to the brave men who perished during the Blackwater Fire of 1937.

The fire started on August 18, 1937, as the result of a passing lightning storm during the late afternoon. The point of origin was traced to a sub-alpine fire located on the west bank of Blackwater Creek approximately 4 miles from this point. The fire "slept" through the 19th and came to life the afternoon of August 20, 1937. Men of the Bureau of Public Roads Crew (BPR), the Wapiti Civilian Conservation Corps Crew (CCC - Company 1852) and the Lake (Yellowstone NPS) CCC Company arrived at the fire during the afternoon and evening of August 20th. Forest Supervisor Sieker and District Ranger Fifield, were the men in charge of the fire. They used direct attack tactics; as the strategy was to anchor and flank the fire. The expectation was that the fire would not grow appreciably during the night. However, about midnight the winds increased causing the fire behavior to increase and run up the drainage to the southeast of Trail Ridge. This was a short-lived run, but the fire continued to burn throughout the night. By next morning, the aerial reconnaissance observed the entire drainage was consumed by crown fire behavior with two spot fires between Blind Creek the drainage to the east. Click to see Map A

The firefighter memorial is easily located along side Highway 14/16/20. It was built by the CCCs and dedicated in 1938. There is a large paved turnout here and a Forest Service parking area below the roadside turnout. The road turn-off to Blackwater Canyon is just east of the memorial site.

The plaque on the firefighter memorial.

This sign along Highway 14/16/20 shows the turn-off to the Blackwater Lodge. This is also the turn-off for Forest Service Road 435 that goes to the upper trailhead in Blackwater Canyon.

FS Road 435 goes south from Highway 14/16/20 and crosses the North Fork of the Shoshone River.

Roads end for FS Road 435 is two miles from Highway 14/16/20. This is the upper trailhead, sometimes referred to as Lower Camp. Note the limited parking.

Trailhead footbridge near Lower Camp at the end of Forest Road 435.