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Stand 2 - Baca Ranch Boundary

The Baca Ranch (currently referred to as the Valles Caldera Trust) is located north west of Cerro Grande Peak with the boundary located in the saddle west of the peak. This first stand is accessed from the parking area by hiking directly up Frijoles Canyon.

After working a regular work day in preparation of the Upper Frijoles Prescribed Burn implementation, Upper Frijoles RX personnel including a 10-person type II crew and 10 NPS employees hiked approximately 2 hours up Cerro Grande Peak to attend a second operational briefing from the Burn Boss at 1900 hours on May 4, 2000. At 1920 hours, a test fire is ignited near the summit of Cerro Grande Peak. The test fire is successfully completed, and the fire behavior is within parameters. The go-decision is made to continue the prescribed fire by the Burn Boss.

Crews began blacklining by burning down the northeast edge of the fire from the test fire area. The holding crew will use backpack pumps, spruce bows, and changes in fuels and terrain to limit fire spread during blackline operations. Progress was slow using the ignition pattern outlined in the plan. The ignition pattern was changed to speed up the progress and the decision made by the burn boss to stop suppressing the fire on the interior side of the ignition lines.

Photo taken in September 2003 from the west side of Cerro Grande Peak, looking northwest towards Baca Ranch (Valles Caldera).

Photo taken in September 2003 from the saddle that borders Baca Ranch (Valles Caldera), looking towards Cerro Grande Peak. The fuels consist of primarily clump grass with light brush.