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Stand 2 - 1947 Fire Overlook

A strong northeast wind picked up early in the morning of October 21st. The fire, which was still under patrol, escaped its control lines crossing the Crooked Road at about 0745. A general alarm was sounded at 0800 for resources to fight the rapidly spreading flames. By 1000 Bar Harbor Fire Chief Sleeper called Dow Army Air Base requesting manpower; they were able to send 225 officers and soldiers to the efforts. By 1600 the fire had swept southeasterly crossing the Eagle Lake Road to the shore of Eagle Lake and was burning on the national park lands. By the evening when the winds abated somewhat, an additional 1,000 acres burned.

Resource reinforcement and adjustments were made and line construction efforts were progressing reasonably well on October 22nd when northwest winds increased around noon. The fire again escaped control lines crowning through an additional 800 acres before the winds switched to the southwest and the fire spread slowed.

The National Park Service interpretive sign at the 1947 fire overlook off of Paradise Hill Road. This is Stand 2.

Regeneration seen looking (from left to right) at Champlain, Dorr, and Cadillac Mountains. Notice the smoke from hazard fuel reduction burning in the left foreground.