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Stand 4 - Jordan Pond

Because this area did not burn in 1947, one can see the loading and type of fuels that existed on much of the island prior to the fire. Low areas tend to be dominated by large spruce, cedar, fir, and white pine. Where soil and weather conditions permit, hardwood trees figure into the mix. At higher elevations the trees show weather stress as sub-alpine conditions are reached. In most of the area, especially where the softwoods are dominant, there exists a duff layer which can extend deep into the ground in the gaps and cracks between rocks and ledges. This figured heavily in the extensive mop-up required after a fire moved through an area.

The north parking lot for Jordan Pond provides large parking area but can be busy. There are visitor services available at Jordan Pond.

Jordan Pond looking north with The Bubbles in the background. The area south of Jordan Pond did not burn in 1947 and gives an indication of the fuel loading that was present prior to the fire.

Mature red spruce and balsam fir near Stand 4 give an indication of the ground and ladder fuels present during the 1947 fire.

The tight canopy seen in this photo is similar to that found in 1947. Much of the fire's spread was from crown fire.