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The Staff Ride Library site has several types of downloadable content. This page gives you information on where to obtain the appropriate media viewers and a description of the types of content found on the Staff Ride Library site.

Media Types:
  • (PDF) Adobe Acrobat file - Requires a PDF viewer. Click here to download the free Adobe Acrobat Viewer.
  • (MS Word) Microsoft Word file - Requires a text viewer capable of view DOC files. Click here for information on Microsoft Office.
  • (PPT) Microsoft PowerPoint file - Requires a PowerPoint viewer capable of view PPT files. Click here for information on Microsoft Office.
  • (WMV) Movie file - Requires Windows Media Player to view. Click here to download Windows Media Player.
  • (MP3) Audio file - Requires a media player capable of playing MP3 audio files. Click here to download the free Windows Media Player.
  • (SWF) Adobe Flash - Requires Adobe Flash Player Plug-in. Click here to download the free Adobe Flash Player. (Utilized to play some .MP3 files on this website)
  • (JPG) Image file - Requires a web browser to view.
  • (HTML) External web link.

The file size of each download is noted next to the file type. If the file size is over 1 MB, please be patient while the file downloads. For example: (PDF, 3.3MB)

This means that the file you are about to download is an Adobe Acrobat PDF. Please be sure that you have a PDF viewer. The file size is 3.3 megabytes, which, depending on the speed of your internet connection, could take a few minutes to download.

If you would like to save these files to your computer in order to view them later, please right click on the file to download and select "Save Target As..." Select the location to download the file and click "Save."